Success stories



Here are some pictures of recently adopted Suzy. Suzy loves the garden and her toys although she keeps hiding them so we buy more. We love her and she is a beautiful girl.


Harry & Oscar have settled in really well and the whole family have fallen in love with them. They are very sociable naughty boys!


Timmy settled into his new home right away! He is adorable, chatty and very affectionate, he follows us everywhere. Timmy's very first experience of the garden was lovely to see, he rushed about the garden smelling all the flowers (and sneezing each time afterwards). Once Tim had a taste of the great outdoors he got a bit paranoid about being inside when the door was closed until he got the hang of the cat flap which has his own personal door in the wall with steps. Thanks so much for Tim he is very special.


We have had Peter the cat for a year now and he is wonderful. It took him months to feel brave enough to leave his safe room but he is now a happy member of the family. He even insists on oming on walks with Rolo the dog! Thank you for all your hard work and finding us the perfect addition to our family.


Just to let you know that Poppy has settled in beautifully. She is a very loving and affectionate friend and it really feels like she belongs here and is happy. Poppy enjoys spending time outside although she won't use the cat flap so the door stay ajar most of the time. She wakes me every morning by leaping on the bed and taking me to her food jar. I spend quality time with her, brushing her silky coat and relishing cuddles when she sits on my lap. Poppy has changed my life and I am so pleased I adopted her.


I lost a very dear cat recently and the house was empty, we found Paddy online at Cats Protection, arranged to adopt him and brought him home. He immediately wanted to explore the whole house and took over. He is so sensible which is an advantage of an older cat. He is not a cuddly cat but sits beside us talking and wanting to be stroked. He loves children and is an absolute joy for us. We are so glad we adopted a mature cat with an independent personality, the house is now full again but in a different enjoyable way.


Bibi who we adopted in April is settling in nicely and making herself at home. From the first day with us she jumped up on my lap, she is very affectionate and enjoying her new home and garden.

KING LOUIE V (aka Tommy)

Louie has settled in extremely well and is a great little character. As expected Louie has needed time and patience but is now enjoying the attention and loves my two children when they visit. I am glad I had the opportunity to adopt Louie and give him a forever home.


Lightning and Prancer  are a sheer delight to us every day.  We are so delighted to have become their new parents and grateful to Cats Protection for enabling that process. The cats are dedicated to each other and still often sleep curled up together. Keep up your good work, you are bringing joy to cats and people every day.



Here's an update on Sky, who we adopted around 2 months ago. She had a very shy first few weeks, with her barely coming out from a little safe space under the sofa in our spare room. We persevered though, and now she is turning into the most affectionate and playful cat. She loves a stroke (and a game) and isn't shy about letting us know when she wants attention! She also has the loudest purr we've ever heard! Thank you Cats Protection for matching her with us - we're so happy to have her in our home.



When Frankie came to me he was a bit the worse for wear. He is not scared of much and likes helping in the garden and doing the housework, though sometimes I could do without it!  He's a cheeky chap and full of mischief.  Loves his collection of toys and I often have a soft toy come flying past my nose, I even found his teddy in the kitchen sink! He has a beautiful shiny coat now and the fur on his tail has almost grown back, he purrs almost constantly. We love our cuddles and I mean a real cuddle - he's great company and I wouldn't want to be without him, even though he eats me out of house and home.



Just wanted to give you a quick update on how Duke is getting on. He settled in surprisingly quickly when we brought him home mid March. He's been affectionate since day one, loves a stroke and a play with the kids. He joins in everything we do, even sitting with us when we read the kids a bedtime story! He was allowed outside for the for the first time at the beginning of April and didn't venture far, in fact he didn't leave the garden for 3 weeks and even now he stays quite close. He has made a friend, one of the neighbourhood cats comes and visits him every day. He's still finding his feet with climbing fences etc - there have been a few occasions where he's needed rescuing out of the bushes or the garage roof but he's getting there!! We're so happy to have Duke be a part of our family and our kids are completely besotted with him.



We adopted Priya in January and she has settled really well and is a playful and affectionate pet who enjoys roaming in the  garden and siting with us in the evenings.



Here is an update on recently adopted Monty doing his morning ablutions prior to the start of the day. He has settled in really well.


SHANDY (aka Sandy)

Shandy settled in from day one and has the household operating to her requirements! She is very affectionate and loves exploring the various gardens in the close. Shandy is completely adorable and although we thought no other cat could replace our previous cat of 23 years, she has captured a place in our hearts that is unassailable and we are grateful to CP for bringing her into our lives.









Lucy is adorable and my husband and I love her. She fits into our household really well, sleeps on my bed at night and loves playing with her toys.



We have always been cat lovers so when we lost our beloved cat Lolipop last year the house felt empty without cats. When we looked on the Cats Protection site we saw two black sisters called Lucky and Ebony that tugged on our heartstrings and were listed as most overlooked cats.

We went to view with their lovely foster mum but they were both shy and wouldn't come out from behind the sofa, we stayed for nearly two hours and didn't meet them but decided to adopt them anyway. They hid under the bed for a few days but eventually started to explore and four months down the line they are really settled with us. We would like to thank Cats Protection for all their help.









My name is Georgie. I was adopted 2-3 months ago and have really settled into my new home. I now live with another cat called Monty who is a lot older than me but still likes a game and looks after me!




Magic has been such a delight and brings me so much joy and laughter.  We quite often play catch, with Magic behaving more like a dog!  Marion informed me that he likes plastic straws to play with and so I throw a plastic straw  down the stairs, Magic chases it, picks it up in mouth, runs back up the stairs and will drop the straw at my feet.  He loves this time and time again and never seems to tire of it!   He's also a keen footballer too and we regularly have a footie match on the kitchen floor with screwed up paper or one of his (clean) litter tray wood pellets.  He is an absolute joy and has become much more confident when friends and family come over and they all adore him too.