Success stories



Hi, just thought you might like to know about how Tango is settling in. Well, it's like he has always been with us and we can't imagine life without him. Attached are some photos of Tango helping with the Xmas decorations, ganging up with his new brother to get to the Dreamies shelf, opening his Xmas stocking and just generally keeping an eye on the humans.  Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful and wonderful boy.


Brother and sister Roly and Fefe joined us just before Christmas and are absolutely gorgeous. They have settled in really well and now that they are able to explore the garden are giving us even more amusement!  If we sit down, we have a companion on our lap, pull out a chair and you’d better watch out or you’ll sit on a cat, we have even managed to clip their claws, without being scratched. It’s lovely to have some fluffies back in our lives and to welcome us home!


Darcey has been fantastic - so far not damaged anything. Only frustration is she thinks she can eat with us at the dinner table! I do not think we could have had a better cat from a choice of 100 ...... so far anyhow. I even am able to hold her in my arms on her back and tickle her belly - she has a very nice nature and is very trusting of me.


I want to thank Cats Protection for delivering my dear little Finlay to me. He loves the bath and the sink - absolute nuisance when I'm trying to do my teeth. Although I bought him a many tiered scratching post, which he loves, my arms seem to get the same treatment! I am dreading putting up the Christmas Tree - I wonder how many ornaments will make it to 12th night! On a more positive note, he follows me everywhere. Sleeps right beside me all night. He knows I'm his Mum and he is definitely my little boy!


Here is a picture of Bruce and Tilly in their new home. They are a charming pair who we love to pieces already. They have settled in really well and made our home theirs, this is their favourite place on top of the piano. Thanks so much for all you did to make adopting them possible.


A lovely update on Tango who is now enjoying going out in his new garden but still likes to be indoors with his new family while they listen to him chattering to the birds outside. Thank you for finding our gorgeous Tango we love him to bits.


Here is a picture of recently adopted Willow. She looks very happy sunbathing!


Sherri has settled in really well. She loves jumping on the sink while we brush out teeth and drinking out of the tap. She is so friendly and loves attention. A great addition to our family.


Jasper is getting on brillliantly! He loves his heated bed and brings us presents in. He is such a little sweetie and we are so glad he found us.


Please find some photos for you of Kitty who we rehomed a month ago. Thanks very much for all your help in finding us our perfect cat :)


Please see attached photos of Jack and Honey (originally Sylvia and Sylvester).  As you can see they seemed to have settled in well and enjoy relaxing, they are certainly not hiding away and are never far apart from one another. Never a dull moment when they are awake though, but wouldn't change them for the world.


I've been thinking about sending you an update on our Kimi but just never got round to it till now.  She is doing very well and her character is really shining through. She is learning to play like a 5 year old cat should. She loves helping me make the bed and then runs from corner to corner of the bed in excitement. She has her own ribbon which is kept on the coffee table in the lounge.  Every night without fail, she brings this ribbon through to the bedroom in her mouth meowing as she drops it for us. She has become quite mischievous too and if she thinks a pen or anything really doesn't belong on a table or the bed, she thinks nothing of using her paw to simply to pop it off onto the floor. She loves sleeping on our bed and she and Mack are fabulous sleeping buddies. Grant says it's got to the point that you have to book your place in bed early at night otherwise you get whatever space is left which isn't much. Two adults and two cats on one bed can be quite challenging!  She still will only drink water from the tap! Every afternoon you will see her and Mack at the window waiting for us to come home. How they know timings I just don't know, but they are always there as we drive into our parking.


We just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Smokey was getting on. We got him from you in early March. He has settled in so well and is such a character. He loves cuddles and will sleep on the bed all night stretched out.  We both say he is unlike any other cat we have known. He will go out in the evening but be out for an hour and then come back- that's it, he doesn't want to go out again after that!  He also hates rain we have discovered in quite a comedy fashion. If he is out and it starts to rain he will immediately come bounding in and squeaking as he doesn't miaow at all.  All our neighbours love him and he is straight onto a lap if anyone comes to visit. Sadly our older cat Seamus died quite suddenly in July so we are so happy we got Smokey when we did, he seems quite contented being an only cat.


We wanted to share some photos of our wonderful little man who we adopted with the name Bobby and renamed Schumi (as in Michael Schumacher!). He's such an adorable little man, so cute, playful, affectionate and entertaining.  I hope the attached photos do him proud. Thank you so much for pairing him with us.


I know you like to get updates sometimes about your former fosterees, and since a miracle just happened here I thought you'd like a photo. Minty (formerly Nala) and Monty get on fine most of the time, but they don't normally share space like this - the fact that my husband is at the other end of the sofa is even more extraordinary, as they usually sit on whichever chairs or sofas we aren't on. Since I retreated having taken this photo they are now both taking a nap!  They remain fairly aloof cats as cats go - certainly not lap cats! - but have relaxed hugely and appear to enjoy being with us as much as we enjoy having them here. Thank you all!