Welcome to Caterham, Redhill & East Surrey Cats Protection. 

We take in, rehome and neuter cats in the East Surrey area. The branch is run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to improving the lives of cats and kittens in our area. Our site is updated regularly to make sure we provide up to date information on our cats and branch activities.


At the moment we've got lots of older kittens in our care and they're struggling to find homes.  They're out of the baby kitten phase but not yet young adults, and tend to be overlooked because they're neither one nor the other.  They're still very playful though and have all the cuteness of younger kittens, with the added advantage that they can be left for longer so won't tie you down as much.  If you'd like to give an older kitten a home please take a look at Max, Millie and Mandy, who've been with us a while and are longing to be adopted

Just call us on 0345 371 2739 and leave a message in mailbox 2, or email eastsurreycats@yahoo.co.uk

We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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